• Mentoring helps Participating Contractors ensure that they are using the whole house approach, following BPI and program standards, and providing quality home performance services to customers in the SMUD Home Performance Program.
  • Each Participating Contractor must schedule a mentoring session with CBPCA to be performed at the initial post-retrofit test-out of his/her first program retrofit. SMUD requires two further mentoring sessions during the next four projects submitted by the Participating Contractor.
  • SMUD highly recommends that all project staff participate in mentoring. This includes the project’s BPI/BA-certified staff (or the certified subcontractor), the field crew lead for the project, the firm’s primary sales person, and any other key decision makers involved in selecting customers and jobs.
  • Participating Contractors may request up to three no-cost mentoring sessions (ideally the Participating Contractor’s first three jobs), available until program funding is exhausted.
  • Mentoring can occur in two ways:
    • Test-in mentoring typically focuses on the whole house assessment and the development of the work scope, and specifically targets the installation of energy saving measures and techniques (CAS testing, Duct Testing, QII-quality insulation installation).
    • Test-out mentoring, combined with project Quality Control Verification, takes place when the mentoring session is scheduled to coincide with the contractor’s final site visit (test-out). It focuses on performing a complete and correct home test-out per BPI standards and program requirements while addressing any missed opportunities for deeper energy savings.

To schedule field support, a participating contractor should first identify an available home, and then fill in the “Mentoring Request” form below and CBPCA will determine the availability of a mentor that meets your needs.

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